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Our Commitment to Your Safety and Beauty

At Dermatique Laser and Skin, we blend over a century of combined expertise with a heartfelt commitment to ensuring your safety and achieving outstanding results. Our practice is a sanctuary where excellence in aesthetic procedures meets the highest standards of patient care and medical ethics.

A Century of Expertise & Leadership in Aesthetics

With over 100 years of combined experience, Dermatique Laser and Skin stands as a beacon of excellence and leadership in the aesthetic industry. Our team’s dedication to continuous training ensures that we remain at the forefront of aesthetic innovation, providing cutting-edge treatments to our clients. We take pride in our role as industry leaders, continually educating and nurturing the next generation of aesthetic professionals through comprehensive training programs.

Our Esteemed Recognitions

Inc. Magazine Fastest-Growing Companies

We are honored to be recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies, a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in the aesthetic field.

Inc. Magazine Fastest-Growing Companies

For the third consecutive year, our practice was listed among the elite group of businesses expanding rapidly, reflecting our commitment to providing top-tier aesthetic services.

Allergan Top 250 Leader

Our leadership within the Allergan brand portfolio was solidified as we ranked in the top 250 in the nation, top growth, and Illinois leader. showcasing our significant contributions to the aesthetics industry.

Our Core Features


We pride ourselves on genuine interactions and honest guidance, ensuring that every patient feels truly seen and valued.


Open communication is paramount at Dermatique Laser and Skin, where we share all details upfront, ensuring you are well-informed at every step.


Your health and safety are our top priorities. We adhere strictly to medical standards to provide secure, effective treatments.

Transform Your Skin with Us

Embark on a transformative journey with Dermatique Laser and Skin. Join our community today and step into a world where beauty meets health and excellence.

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