As we sit at our kids sporting events or just at the grocery store we often compare ourselves to other women. Its OK girls, I know we all do it. Often wondering why some women just look better and younger than others.

So as we sit and wonder, is it just good genes or maybe she does “Something” that I don’t. As we debate in heads on what exactly she might be doing to look so great, we start and think maybe its time I start.

The right age to start, well that’s never to early . Keep in mind sun damage can appear on your skin much later in life.

Example: Two lovely ladies and very good friends come in for a consultation. The ladies appear to be in there late 60’s. These great friends have declared “ITS TIME TO GET RID OF THIS SAGGING SKIN AND WRINKLES”. Meanwhile, one of the ladies has severe volume loss , safe to say SharPei like skin and the other friend has severe eye lid hooding and could barely see out of her eyes. These two great friends thought a PEEL would correct there wrinkles and volume loss.

  1. Good Skin Care can change you skin tone and texture, really! Just make sure your using a skin care line that has anti-aging ingredients. Retinol , Glycolic , Lighteing agents. (Medical Grade)
  2. Peel back time…. Think of a carrot , when you pull a carrot out of the bag its bumpy and has a rough texture , so you peel it. Now peeled the carrot looks soft and smooth. Its that simple with skin, so don’t be afraid of a great PEEL…
  3. Start with preventive measures. Botox and Dermal Filler can prevent wrinkles from forming. So prevent the SharPei look and get started with small amounts. The idea is to prevent wrinkles from being visible when you are at a natural expression.

Yours truly,

Beauty Expert and Swanky Mom,


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