This is a subject I talk about on a daily basis. Often we as women some how think that we are the only women who are “Doing It” (Botox) . Therefore it must be kept on the very down low! Well guess what, its your neighbor and friends the women behind the counter at the mall and yes the school teachers and grandmas. Why do we feel its a secret? Why are women more opts to talk about there BooB job than there Botox. Seems silly but its true. Ultimately looking younger is something all 40 or older is something we all think about. Even the 40 and under think about looking younger. Think as Botox as an advancement in the times. Often I hear so many women refer to wanting to look younger;” I am not that kind of person”. What do you mean “That kind of a person”, a person who works out, eats healthy has a great haircut and a great outfit on. Guess what ladies if you didn’t care about all of those things then maybe you WOULDN’T be that kind of a person. Reality check you ARE THAT KIND OF PERSON. We are women who care about wanting to look a little fresher, a little younger , being the best we can be. So embrace the advancements in medicine.Look Like the Swanky Mom that you are….

Now Lets Get Swanky Together,Lora

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