Achieve an Instant Eye lift : As we age our Brows and Lashes thin. I know great right! One more thing to make us look older…. A quick easy eye opening lift is to fill in and thicken our brows while creating a perfect shape. I love to use a brow marker, creates a more natural look . NYX Eyebrow Marker , sold at Ulta for less than $10.00.

My next eye opening trick by far hands down is using Latisse . Great long lashes, plan and simple opens up your eyes and make them appear bigger. Perfect trick for anybody who has excess upper eye lid skin.

Eye lift with Latisse is only $179.00 , complete bargain.

Do you have a burning question or wonder?

Example :

What can I do so I don’t look so tired?

I am scared to have a peel, should I be?
Can I do anything to get rid of these brown spots?

Send away any question , I am happy to give or geta answer for you.

Until then, peace. love and beauty to you!

Certified Aesthetic Consultant, Licensed Cosmetologist & Skin Care Expert

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