Hello Lovely~

Can we talk about being in the moment?

This weekend my son graduated from high school. As my husband and I are driving to graduation and we are chatting about nothing. For no apparent reason I completely snap. I started thinking about how we are never in the moment of life! I said to my husband, “can we just be in THIS moment”.

Of course my husband had no idea what I was talking about, but I meant it. For a simple second I wanted to try to absorb this occasion and not think about all of life’s daily hassles.

So after that event, I started thinking about what we do at Dermatique. I started thinking about patients feedback after having a treatment that really enhanced their appearance.

By far hands down the most common response we hear is; WHY DID I WAIT so long!

Well guess what, most of us are not living in our moment. We are racing to some finish line of life and our moment is passing us by.

Today, take a moment and look into the mirror,  ask yourself,  am I happy with my appearance?

We are happy to help you, answer any question no matter how silly or small it may seem.

This week don’t wait,   be in your moment.


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